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Making the most of term 2...

By FreshSocial 02 Feb 2018

Your first year of university can be challenging but also one of the best and you really should make the most of it.

You'll regret it if you don't, trust us!

Term 1 might have been a bit stressful for lots of reasons - moving away from home, adapting to a lifestyle change, meeting lots of new people and you might have even got a bit homesick.

But by now, you are hopefully all settled into your FRESH flat, got your exams/deadlines out of the way (thank God) and now you're on to the second term and it's going to be great, right?

Here's a list of things you can look forward to this term:

  1. Your friendships get stronger
    The people you thought were going to be your lifelong besties might not have turned out how you expected but that's ok. You might get closer to your course friends or the people you've chosen to live with next year. Rome wasn't built in a day - give it time for you to really bond with your mates!

  2. You're revision free, kind of...
    Well, compared to this time last month anyway. It'll feel like a weight off your shoulders having those January exams and coursework deadlines all completed, so keep on top of your lectures and deadlines so you don't have to cram and stress next time around. 
  3. It's Valentine's Day soon!
    Ah, February. The month of love. The perfect time to spend time with your girlfriend/boyfriend, whether they are at university or at home, it'll cheer you both up. If you're single, you can still enjoy it with your mates and spend the day or night together doing something fun. 

  4. You've got some time to find a job
    Some free time on your hands means that you can do the things you've put off before, like finding some work! Look for some part-time work that fits alongside your uni timetable or maybe an internship/volunteer work to improve your skills and get you some experience. 
  5. And time to join a team too?
    Something you might not have done yet is joined a sports team or society and if you find yourself with time on your hands, why not put it to good use? It's not too late and your university will have loads for you to try.

  6. Househunting is nearly over
    Is that a huge sigh of relief we hear? Whether you've chosen to stay FRESH or move into a house next year, once that's all sorted you no longer have to stress about it. It also means you start talking to your future flatmates about your plans and how you'll decorate! 
  7. You have more time for friends and family
    After Christmas, it was hard to tear yourself away from them but now your exams are done you can book some trips home, visit friends at other universities in the UK or invite people around to your flat and have a fun night in.

  8. Let your hair down!
    As you were probably low on cash in December and came back in January to constant revision pressures, now is the time to head into town and enjoy that student nightlife you have been missing out on!

Next term you'll have to start with the revision and getting all your assignments finished again before second year kicks in and it gets super serious - so, make the most of calm before the storm.

We hope term 2 is great and you enjoy it! 

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