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Which Game of Thrones House do you belong to?

By FreshSocial 15 May 2017

Whether you're a die-hard Game of Thrones fan or just enjoy catching an episode here and there...

There's no doubt that this dramatic series is a real tear jerker (and jaw dropper) that keeps you coming back for more.

 game of thrones hbo teaser jon snow emilia clarke GIF
Have you ever wondered which House you would fit in best? Take the quiz below to find out if you're meant to be commanding dragons or taking back the North

  1. How important is family to you?
    a. My immediate family is most important to me, I'd do everything to keep them safe. You do not want to cross us.
    b. I have a very close family, we would all make sacrifices for each other. 
    c. My family is crazy, so I've learned that you can choose your own family. 
    d. My family's complicated.
    e. My family is a tight-knit bunch and we understand the importance of our family name.
  2. What do you value most?
    a. Respect, influence, power
    b. Honour, truth, integrity
    c. Fairness, justice, freedom
    d. Honesty, strength, independence
    e. Status, ambition, fame

    Game of Thrones game of thrones hbo GIF
  3. How far would you go to get what you want?
    a. I'd do anything to get what I want, anything.
    b. I'd play by the rules and get what I want honestly.
    c. I would do what I needed to do, no more, no less.
    d. I take what I want. I do what I want. Good luck if you stand in my way.
    e. I usually get what I want quite easily and don't have to lift a finger.
  4. How do you earn respect?
    a. I don't have to earn respect, I take it.
    b. I earn respect through hard work and honourable deeds. 
    c. People respect me because I am good and strong, but I will demand it if need be. You don't want to belittle me. 
    d. The only respect I need is my friends'- which I already have. 
    e. I've worked hard to earn people's respect through my charm and good deeds.

     dance dancing game of thrones tyrion lannister peter dinklage GIF
  5. Are you a supporter of the underdog?
    a. I don't really care who wins unless it has to do with me or my family.
    b. Yes, everyone needs help sometimes, especially those less fortunate than others.
    c. I am the underdog.
    d. If you're an underdog, it's your own fault. You need to do what you need to do. 
    e. Of course, but I'll always end up on the winning team in the end.
  6. What's your dress sense like?
    a. I wear the finer things in life.
    b. I don't pay much attention to fashion.
    c. I tend to look good, even if I'm not trying.
    d. There are better things in life to worry about than fashion.
    e. I care a lot about how I look and dress, and usually look awesome. 
  7. How well do you trust others?
    a. Trust no one, ever.
    b. I trust people far too easily and it has a way of backfiring on me sometimes.
    c. I will trust you if you've earned it and deserve it. I usually have a good sense of character.
    d. If you're my friend and you prove it, I trust you. 
    e. Hold your friends close, but your enemies closer.

The answers...

Mostly A's: House Lannister
 game of thrones trailer got teaser cersei lannister GIF

You're a Lannister, who would do anything to protect the ones you love. You don't crave power, but you do want to be able to support your loved ones and succeed in life. Well-spoken and talented, you can achieve literally anything you put your mind to!

Mostly B's: House Stark
Game of Thrones: #GoT50 game of thrones hbo winter alone GIF

Honesty, loyalty, and selflessness run through your blood- you are a Stark! You're an over-trusting and caring person who wears their heart on their sleeve. People love and respect you because you are exactly who you say you are. 

Mostly C's: House Targaryen
Game of Thrones fire game of thrones hbo emilia clarke GIF

You're a Targaryen! People marvel at your ability to capture others attention, and you usually aren't even trying to do so. Your bold personality and strong moral compass make you someone to admire and keep an eye on- people are always wondering what you're going to do next.

Mostly D's: House Greyjoy
 theon greyjoy GIF

You are a force to be reckoned with, whether you know it or not - you're a Greyjoy! You've probably been through the ringer a few times but always come out stronger than before. You've learned to stand up for yourself and fight for what you want. You are respected and someone no one should underestimate!

Mostly E's: House Tyrell
 margaery tyrell GIF

You're clever, witty, and tend to have all eyes on you- you're a Tyrell! You are intelligent and have the ability to bend people to your will, but not by using your fists. You're kind hearted and can rise to the top with grace and admiration- but do you wrong and people had better watch out for those thorns.


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