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Benefits of Living in a studio flat

Living alone as a student can seem daunting – will you miss out on a social life? Will you feel lonely compared to sharing a flat?

There are probably a few different things that you’ve thought of (or never thought about before) with living in a studio flat.

Here are a few reasons I love living in my studio flat at FRESH and why you should consider it:

1.    Your place = your mess
When you lived at home, you probably got told to constantly tidy your room and in a studio flat, you can leave clothes on the floor or not wash up without the shame! On the flip side, if you’re a super tidy person, you don’t have to clean up after others. It’s completely your choice.

2.    Your food won’t get nicked
Living with others and sharing a kitchen means that often your food can disappear from the fridge/cupboards. On your own, you don’t have to worry about labelling your milk or keeping your coffee/teabags in your bedroom. Think about a £3 block of cheese just disappearing…

3.    The space is peaceful
Living with other students often means noisy hallways, especially if your flatmates have invited some friends over. By living in a studio flat it means that noise is usually kept to a minimum. Yes, I will still have friends over at times but I’m always considerate!

4.    Your own personal study space
It’s great to be able to go back to your own place and study alone. Plus at Laycock Studios (and other Fresh locations), you can always have people join you in the shared common room downstairs for group projects if there isn’t enough space in your room for everything. What more do you need? 

5.    It makes you put more effort in socially
Because you’re living alone, it forces you to chat to more people on the outside because you don’t instantly have 6-8 people living with you. You have so many opportunities to meet people: on your course, in a society or other people within the accommodation.

6.    FRESH has convenient locations
For example, Laycock Studios is situated so close to Sheffield Hallam University as well as the train/bus station. There’s also a tram stop nearby and it’s only a five minute walk into the city centre. Some student accommodation sites can be quite far off campus which makes it difficult to get to places and you don’t need that! 

7.    Independence
Living alone means you really are in full control of yourself and your new student life and it’s great, but there are times when it gets difficult. Being in charge of everything means you’ll soon learn how to save on your food shopping and make it go a long way!

8.    No queues to use the cooker/hob/shower
Having your own space means you don’t have to fight over who gets what. If you had a communal bathroom, you could be constantly waiting for the shower to be free. In a studio, you can use a shower, toilet and any appliance you want, whenever you want!

9.    Choosing to stay in? You won’t be labelled boring
When your mates want to go out during the week but you can’t be bothered, you can just text or even avoid them. If ALL your flatmates were going out, you might cave to the peer pressure but in your studio flat, you don’t have to deal with people knocking on your door begging you to change your mind!

10.                    You’ll have a great sleep schedule
Fancy an early night? Go for it. Want to stay up until 3am to watch Netflix? Do it. If you work or prefer an early morning gym session, it means you can get up and you won’t disturb anyone whilst you’re getting ready.

Choosing a studio flat is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I like the fact that the entire flat is my own and I can have friends around whenever I want, but can also chill out on my own. When I have a deadline or exam coming up, I’m not constantly distracted by housemates or parties either…

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