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Sustainable Living Guide: Reducing your Energy Use


Fresh Student Living are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact – here on our blog we will be updating you each month with useful hints and tips that we can focus on to achieve this. Remember, here at Fresh we are dedicated to creating sustainable living so if you have any questions or suggestions, please drop by and speak to your Accommodation Team for a chat, you’re always welcome!

We might not realise it but energy use is one of the major causes of pollution. In fact, 83% of the world’s air pollution comes from the production and use of electricity.

Here’s some great tips for how you can do your bit to save energy…

    Charging a phone all night will still draw power once it’s full and continuous charging also affects the performance of your battery. This means you will have to charge more often and use more energy.
    Even when you are not using them, they will continue to draw small amounts of power even in sleep mode.
    Make sure power saving mode is activated on computers. As screens use the majority of a computer’s energy, they should be set to go in to sleep mode after a determined amount of time.

    Sounds simple, but please make sure you turn off lights when not in use or during the day.
    Please don’t waste heat by having your windows open with the heating on, and switch controls to a low setting if you’re leaving. Check how heating controls work in your home, or ask one of the Fresh staff if you’re not sure.

For more tips on how to save energy, check out:

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