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#VolunteersWeek –
How to Volunteer at a Distance!


Whilst we’ve managed to find an alternative for hanging out with friends during the lockdown, or switched heading to the local shopping centre with Marie Kondo-ing our Home, or even substituting a night out at a bar or club with learning the top TikTok challenges, there’s one thing that we don’t have to swap out during the national lockdown– volunteering.

Thousands of charities have resourcefully found hundreds of ways that we’re able to continue volunteering from the safety of your home, or at least at a safe social distance, during this time of need.

We’ve pulled together a list on how you can get involved this #VolunteersWeek by helping others from a distance.

1. Re-action

Unsure how to help, or where to start? Re-action can help. Connecting you with like-minded people and giving you the tools, support and guidance needed, the week-long programme helps you make an impact to the homeless, caregivers and seniors in your local community.

2. VolunteerMatch

Have a unique talent that can help others? VolunteerMatch matches your passion with hundreds of important causes. Check out the virtual opportunities for global projects including helping a charity’s Digital Media Campaign or a LA based Youth Business Camp. Or for more local opportunities, you can extend your skills to help charities with their projects, such as forming online communities and assisting the elderly to stay connected through online activities.

3. NHS Volunteer

Back in March, the NHS received an overwhelming 750,000 sign ups to their Volunteer Responders Initiative. If you missed out, don’t worry, applications are due to re-open in the next few weeks! Head over to the NHS Responder’s Website for updates. From delivering food and medication, checking in on those who are isolating at home or driving patients to and from the hospital, you can help by carrying out ‘simple but vital’ tasks to relieve stress off the NHS.

4. Translate without Boarders

If you’re talented enough to know more than one language, then why not volunteer to help make a difference? Translate without Boarders offers bilinguals the opportunity to translate vital medical texts and crisis responses. But don’t worry, TWB don’t solely rely on translators, if you have other skills, perhaps in you’re a whizz at accounting or a project manager by profession, TWB welcomes all talents for many other projects too!

5. CHD Living – Adopt a Grandparent Campaign

Combat loneliness during isolation among the elderly by befriending those in need of some company. CHD Living matches you with a resident at one of their care homes based on your interests to build long-lasting companionships. The rest is up to you – weekly phone or video calls, share stories or even send your new Grandpa or Grandma pictures, gifts or poems you think will make them smile!

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