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The Best & Worst England Football Shirts


With the 2020 Euros fast approaching, football fans are excitedly speculating about upcoming matches: the winners, the losers and obviously, the team kits! And while a good shirt is remembered for decades, so is a terrible one…

To find out more, we analysed search data to reveal the country’s favourite England Football shirts since 1990, plus the ones we really hate!

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League table showing the best England Football Team shirts since 1990


The Best England Football Team Shirts


The Worst England Football Team Shirts


Winners & Losers: The Best and Worst England Football Team Shirts 

Football lovers know that a good shirt is about way more than just the design. It’s a feeling. The moment we all laughed together. Or cried. Even raged. As some of our favourite nostalgic items of all time, these are the clothes memories are made in.


England Winner: 2020 Euro Championship Shirt

It’s no surprise then, that England’s 2020 European Championship shirt is currently the most popular. In the run-up to the Euros, fans are stocking up on merch in preparation for raucous days at the pub, made that much sweeter after a year in lockdown.


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If we’re talking best retro football shirt, England’s 1990 World Cup design is by far the most popular in the last 20 years, bringing back memories of Paul Gascogne crying and climbing our way up to fourth place!



Other great moments in our favourite shirts include Michael Owen scoring a wonder goal against Argentina in 1998…



…and Peter Crouch celebrating by doing the robot in 2006.


England Loser: 1994 World Cup Shirt

The shirt with the least sentimental value or interest among fans is the 1994 design, marking the year when England didn’t qualify for the World Cup. This shirt has the lowest interest of any major tournament shirt of the last 20 years.

The 1992 and 2008 European Championship shirts are also nearly forgotten by fans — perhaps because during the tournament itself, we were knocked out at the group stage.


Best and worst England Goalkeeper shirts

Goalkeepers are generally given more creative designs than the other players — sometimes with famously disastrous results.

With scathing public feedback from fans and no interest online, the 2011 Goalkeeper shirt is the worst England Goalie shirt. Umbro claimed the design was inspired by the St. George flag, but fans online have compared it to a pharmacy sign.


2011 Goalkeeper shirt for England Football Team



Best Scotland, Wales and Ireland Shirts

With both Scotland and Wales qualifying for this year’s Euros, we’ve peeked at the best and worst shirts of England’s closest neighbours.


Scotland Winner: 2017 Away

While they may not have qualified for the 2018 World Cup, the 2017 Away Shirt nonetheless remains the most popular choice among Scotland fans:


Scotland Loser: 1994 Away

The 1994 Away, 2002 Home and 1981 Home shirts are all equally unwanted online, selling for the lowest prices. Out of these, the 1981 Home Shirt should be considered the worst shirt ever, as even qualifying for the 1982 World Cup couldn’t save it from being on our list of the worst football shirts of all time.


Wales Winner: 2018 Away

Wales Football Team has only qualified for a major tournament three times. Unsurprisingly, the 2018 Away shirt, marking their Euros qualification, is Wales’ favourite football shirt of all time.


Wales Loser: 2002 Third vs Croatia

The pale yellow 2002 Third kit was used only once against Croatia, never to be seen again. And for good reason.


Ireland Winner: 2014 Home

Four out of five of the top Ireland Football Team shirts are green, with the favourite being the 2014 Home shirt.


Ireland Loser: 1997 Goalkeeper

Meanwhile, the ‘90s really wasn’t the decade for Ireland in terms of kits. The yellow, blue and green mishmash that was the 1997 Goalkeeper shirt will go down as Ireland’s least favourite.


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