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Making the Grade - Relevancy of Exams

Making the Grade – Are Exams Still Relevant?

  For many students, exams are a necessary evil. Stressful and time-consuming, but also inevitable....

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Where do students live in Sheffield

Where Do Students Live in Sheffield

  With two major universities at its helm, there is a great demand for student...

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Student life in Southampton

Student Life in Southampton

  Student life in Southampton is packed with options and the city is a magnet...

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Why Study in Dublin

Why Study in Dublin

  Dublin is the vibrant, bustling capital of Ireland – home to world-class culture and...

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Stay FRESH this summer…

Looking for somewhere to stay this summer? We have a limited number of flexible summer...

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Fast Food Capital of the UK

Students Spend £925 a Year on Takeaways The large rise in takeaway shops in the...

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Last minute guide for clearing

Exam results are out! Were you surprised (or even a little shocked) by yours? Have...

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best student cities

The Best Student Cities in the UK

Choosing the right university is an important step in any student’s academic career. There are...

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mind the gap year

Mind The Gap (Year)

If you’re considering taking a gap year, you’re not alone. Some 230,000 18-25-year-olds take a gap year...

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students and sexual health

Students and Sexual Health

It’s a little scary to think that 25% of university first years will catch an...

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Bloggers and vloggers, we want you!

Do you want to write or film for a living? Or like the idea of...

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London named education capital of the world

London has always been an attractive option for international students looking to study abroad as...

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