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How to Make New Friends When You Start University

  Starting at university can be a daunting experience especially if you are living far...

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The UK Regions Producing The Most Olympic Medals (Plus Our Predictions For Tokyo 2021!)

With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics starting on 23rd July, sports fanatics across the world are...

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Strange Sightings: UFO Hotspots in the UK

  Have you ever wondered what else is out there? Previously classified government documents that...

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Missing Wimbledon? Get your strawberries & cream fix at home!

After a long wait, this year’s Wimbledon is finally back! But the much-loved tennis tournament...

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The Best & Worst England Football Shirts

  With the 2020 Euros fast approaching, football fans are excitedly speculating about upcoming matches:...

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The Cost of Sweet Nostalgia: How Much Do Favourite Retro Sweets Cost Today?

Having a sweet tooth used to cost way less than it does today, with some...

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How much would it cost to stay a night at fictional famous movie hotels?

  Have you ever wished you could stay in a fictional hotel? Do you think...

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Three university student friends having fun posing in front of a camera

Is Sheffield a Good Student City?

More than 60, 000 uni students choose to study in Sheffield, and for good reason....

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A graphical map of Liverpool

Best Places to Live in Liverpool as a Student

The best places to live in Liverpool as a student are the spots that give...

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Student Mental Health & Anxiety: How Stressed are Young Adults in the UK?

  Students have had their schedules turned upside down in the past year, but looking...

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Let’s Champion the Growth of the Female Workforce!

  With more women moving into traditionally male-dominated industries and a rise in female entrepreneurs...

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We Predict Which TikTok Star Could Become the First Billionaire

Our favourite video app has already made a few young millionaires since launching back in...

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