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Student Room Decoration to Create a Home Away from Home

  Once you’ve chosen where to live at uni, one of your next moves is...

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The Ultimate Christmas Movie Checklist

  Clear your calendar. Here’s the ultimate Christmas movie checklist of all time!     The...

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Heading Home for the Hols? Your December Guide for a Safe Student Travel Window

  With the festive season coming up, many of us are looking forward to the...

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Fast Food Capital of the UK

Takeaway spending surged by more than 50% a few weeks after the first lockdown. The...

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Top Conspiracy Theories Around the World

(Click to enlarge) Online searches reveal the top conspiracy theories in each country! Beyoncé and...

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The Average Student Contributes Around £4,000 to the Economy Each Year

  Collectively, student spending habits contribute billions to the economy. To understand just how much...

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Student Essentials: What Health Services are Free for Students in the UK?

  Discover a few ways to save on healthcare essentials while studying in the UK...

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We’ve been officially accredited by the British Safety Council as Covid-Secure

  We understand that moving or coming back to uni this year is likely to...

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How to beat anxiety at university

  Uni can be some of the best years of your life, and some of...

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How To Apply For An Apprenticeship

  An apprenticeship is an excellent way to gain valuable, hands-on work experience while getting...

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What To Do After Graduation From University Post-COVID

  Take a gap year, get a job, start a business…one of the most pressing...

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Sexual Health Mapped: STI Hotspots Across the UK

  Brits between the ages of 18 and 24 have more sex than any other...

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