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A female organising t-shirts and jeans into piles - Fresh Student Living

Marie Kondo your Home

  Warmer weather, flower buds blooming and every chocolate Easter egg in sight eaten –...

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Female perfoming a yoga pose - Fresh student living

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Sports? Cancelled. Festivals & Concerts? Cancelled. Restaurants & Bars? Closed.  Bed & Sofa? Open 24/7!...

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Someone switching Netflix on the TV to accompany a blog about what to watch on Netflix when you need to switch off - Fresh Student Living.

Netflix Series to Binge: When You Need to Switch Off

  It’s safe to say that we’re currently living in a very unique, unprecedented situation....

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Virtual video chatting with a friend on the phone - Fresh Student Living

Ways to Hang Out with Friends & Family Virtually During Quarantine

  Even for the most introverted, I think we can all agree that having this...

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A bright red blog post banner with an illustrated brain, lightning bolts and black, erratic squiggles to accompany a headline that says Student Mental Health and Anxiety

Student Mental Health & Anxiety: How Stressed are Young Adults in the UK?

  Students have had their schedules turned upside down in the past few weeks with...

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Hands being washed under the tap - Fresh Student Living

COVID-19 – Coronavirus – Your questions answered

We appreciate that we are living in uncertain times and you will have a lot...

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Charity Week 2020: Only Went and Doubled Last Year’s Donations!

  For the last 4 years we’ve dedicated the first week in March to raising...

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A bustling scene of Liverpool central

Liverpool Student Life

  Liverpool student life is legendary for its affordability, nightlife, sport, culture and academic options. Home...

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Cheapest UK City for a Date - Fresh Student Living

Cheapest Places In The UK For A Date

  With the average singleton going on up to two dates a month, costs can...

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Charity Week 2020 - Fresh Student Living

Charity Week 2020

  We are excited to announce our 4th annual Charity Week is soon approaching! When...

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An image of Leicester for an article around the Best-things-to-do-in-Leicester-for-Students

Things To Do In Leicester For Students

With two world-renowned universities and another just a 10-minute train ride out of town, the...

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Beautiful sunny Paisley Abbey in an article about some of the best free things to do in Paisley for students - Fresh Student Living

Free Things To Do In Paisley For Students

Bursting with creative flair, energy and inspiration, Paisley is an ideal town for students looking...

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