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TikTok logo on a phone in an article about positive news Instagram accounts - Fresh Student Living

Top 10 TikTok Challenges to Try

  At some point during lockdown you have probably decided to kill some time on...

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UFO sightings in the UK banner

Strange Sightings: UFO Hotspots in the UK

  If lockdown’s left you with a load of free time on your hands, have...

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Lit up DJ decks - Fresh Student Living

The Best Ways to Livestream Concerts from Home during Quarantine

  Thought Summer 2020 was going to be #lit, and now all of your festivals,...

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Virtual video chatting with a friend on the phone - Fresh Student Living

Ways to Hang Out with Friends & Family Virtually During Quarantine

  Even for the most introverted, I think we can all agree that having this...

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Charity Week 2020: Only Went and Doubled Last Year’s Donations!

  For the last 4 years we’ve dedicated the first week in March to raising...

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Cheapest UK City for a Date - Fresh Student Living

Cheapest Places In The UK For A Date

  With the average singleton going on up to two dates a month, costs can...

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An image of Leicester for an article around the Best-things-to-do-in-Leicester-for-Students

Things To Do In Leicester For Students

With two world-renowned universities and another just a 10-minute train ride out of town, the...

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Beautiful sunny Paisley Abbey in an article about some of the best free things to do in Paisley for students - Fresh Student Living

Free Things To Do In Paisley For Students

Bursting with creative flair, energy and inspiration, Paisley is an ideal town for students looking...

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Busy Leeds high street for an article around the best things to do in Leeds for students - Fresh Student Living

Best Things to Do in Leeds for Students

With 45,000 students studying at the three major universities in Leeds, this is one of...

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A blog post banner that looks like a screen with a headline on it stating that young entrepreneurs start more businesses than baby boomers

Young Entrepreneurs are Starting Twice as Many Businesses Today Than the Baby Boomer Generation Did

  Chuck those lazy millennial and gen z stereotypes out the window. The corporate ladder...

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An iimage of running tap water in an article about Sustainable Living and how to conserve water - Fresh Student Living

Sustainable Living Guide: Conserving Water

  Fresh Student Living are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact –...

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Your 2020 Dating Habits Uncovered

Finding Love in a Winter Wonderland   Ever notice how couples start popping up all...

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