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Last minute guide for clearing

You’ve done the hard work, survived the stress and applied to a few unis, but...

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A purple illustrated banner with the copy 'Wimbledon Strawberries and Cream Cancelled' and illustrated strawberries at the edge of the frame

Missing Wimbledon? Get your strawberries & cream fix at home!

With the championships cancelled, half a million tennis fans will miss one of the most...

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Lit up DJ decks - Fresh Student Living

The Best Ways to Livestream Concerts from Home during Quarantine

  Thought Summer 2020 was going to be #lit, and now all of your festivals,...

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A female organising t-shirts and jeans into piles - Fresh Student Living

Marie Kondo your Home

  Warmer weather, flower buds blooming and every chocolate Easter egg in sight eaten –...

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Female perfoming a yoga pose - Fresh student living

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Sports? Cancelled. Festivals & Concerts? Cancelled. Restaurants & Bars? Closed.  Bed & Sofa? Open 24/7!...

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Someone switching Netflix on the TV to accompany a blog about what to watch on Netflix when you need to switch off - Fresh Student Living.

Netflix Series to Binge: When You Need to Switch Off

  It’s safe to say that we’re currently living in a very unique, unprecedented situation....

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An iimage of running tap water in an article about Sustainable Living and how to conserve water - Fresh Student Living

Sustainable Living Guide: Conserving Water

  Fresh Student Living are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact –...

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How to Save Money as a Student: Spending Habits & Saving Hacks Explained

Student life is often synonymous with being strapped for cash, and with party season around...

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Image of a light switch in an article about sustainable living and reducing energy use - Fresh Student Living

Sustainable Living Guide: Reducing your Energy Use

  Fresh Student Living are committed to having a positive social and environmental impact –...

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Friends walking down the hall at university for an article on how to make friends at university - Fresh Student Living

How to Make Friends at University

  Arriving at university for the first time is a combination of excitement and nerves....

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A distressed male in a blog post on How to cope with anxiety at university - Fresh Student Living

How to Cope with Anxiety at University

  University can be stressful, and feeling anxious or worried during your stay is more...

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Making the Grade - Relevancy of Exams - Fresh Student Living

Making the Grade – Are Exams Still Relevant?

  For many students, exams are a necessary evil. Stressful and time-consuming, but also inevitable....

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