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How to save money as a student explained

How to Save Money as a Student: Spending Habits & Saving Hacks Explained

Student life is often synonymous with being strapped for cash, and with party season around...

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Friends walking down the hall at university for an article on how to make friends at university

How to Make Friends at University

  Arriving at university for the first time is a combination of excitement and nerves....

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How to cope with anxiety at university

How to Cope with Anxiety at University

  University can be stressful, and feeling anxious or worried during your stay is more...

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Last minute guide for clearing

You’ve done the hard work, survived the stress and applied to a few unis, but...

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Making the Grade - Relevancy of Exams

Making the Grade – Are Exams Still Relevant?

  For many students, exams are a necessary evil. Stressful and time-consuming, but also inevitable....

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Fast Food Capital of the UK

Students Spend £925 a Year on Takeaways The large rise in takeaway shops in the...

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mind the gap year

Mind The Gap (Year)

If you’re considering taking a gap year, you’re not alone. Some 230,000 18-25-year-olds take a gap year...

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Bloggers and vloggers, we want you!

Do you want to write or film for a living? Or like the idea of...

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Benefits of Living in a studio flat

Living alone as a student can seem daunting – will you miss out on a...

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