Our end-to-end management service offered to student accommodation owners includes marketing, facilities management and student engagement, as well as university relationship building.

From initial Pre-Operational Services to the day-to-day running of our buildings, you can count on us as our skilled and efficient teams are always on hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Pre-Operational Services

Making sure things are right from the word ‘go’ is crucial to ensuring a successful development. That’s why student accommodation builders and developers appreciate our joined-up thinking. Our input and influence can help drive both capital and operational cost efficiencies, creating design solutions that meet customer expectations and secure optimum value from every site.

Our Senior Management Team will be heavily involved from the word “go”. Put us to the test and we’ll have the results to prove it. We’ve mobilised over 7000 beds in the past 5 years (with another 4000 in the pipeline already for 2018), so we know how to ensure a smooth transition from construction stage to a fully operational building.


We don’t just understand our market. We know them inside and out. This means our marketing is fully targeted and structured to keep your rooms, and income stream, reliably full.

We produce a bespoke marketing plan for each scheme; from initial market research, to developing a successful off-plan marketing strategy and local launch, to maximising rebookers and reaching new markets. We always ensure that ROI is at the heart of what we do; fine-tuning our marketing plans and utilising new marketing techniques to maximise occupancy in each location.

With students from over 130 countries choosing to live with Fresh, our online journey is key to reaching our audience. Our newly launched website makes it easy for students to book a room 24 hours a day – wherever they are in the world. Our social media strategy is top of its class too – with each scheme having its own social presence, our aim is to maximise student engagement online and build a virtual community, where they can get to know us, and each other, even before they move in.


Once a building is operational, our dedication to providing a top level service and thirst for ensuring customer satisfaction continues. Our Operations Managers based in each region lead the way, working closely with Accommodation Teams and Central Services to make sure our Students and our Clients are delighted with our service.

When something works well, you rarely notice it. Like a well-oiled machine we take care of everything with the minimum of fuss. So when we say something is done, consider it done. We’ll keep you in the know about lettings and arrears, providing useful reports so you know exactly what’s happening on the ground and are kept up to date with our performance against your KPIs.  From ensuring top levels of customer service, to swiftly dealing with maintenance issues, health & safety and financial reporting, we cover the whole spectrum, so you don’t have to.

To find out more about our services, email our Management Team or call us on 020 3617 4430.